Founded in 2000, Beraca is a genuinely Brazilian company, the fruit of the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders Marco Antônio and Ulisses Sabará. Marco and Ulisses are also founders and partners of Grupo Sabará, which holds 70% of the company’s capital. In April 2015, Beraca will be made up of a joint venture between Sabará and Clariant, one of the global leaders in the production of specialty chemicals.

What do we do?

Our mission is to provide innovative and sustainable products and services, ensuring traceability, safety and quality in all processes, generating value to our customers, suppliers, communities, employees and shareholders.


What do we want?

Our vision is to be a benchmark in technology, in innovative and sustainable products and in differentiated services for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and personal care industries worldwide.


What drives us?

Our values are based on five pillars: