Why breaking barriers is what drives us

In 2018, Beraca launched the Integrated Service, a business solution aimed at customers who wish to add value to their portfolio through socio-environmental projects in their supply chains and to comply with the Biodiversity Law. This service is intended for enhancing the positive impact of the use of ingredients derived from the Brazilian biome. Click here to find out more about this novelty.

Another innovative product that entered the Brazilian market at the end of 2018 is Naté Beauty and Naté!, a multifunctional repellent based on the combination of state-of-the-art technology using Andiroba oil, a product of the Brazilian biodiversity, extracted sustainably while providing a source of income to coastal communities. It is an excellent example of the kind of innovation that is a product of the synergy between Beraca and Clariant. More recently, the line has been expanded with the arrival of Naté! SUN. This cosmetic product provides an SPF 30 sunscreen in addition to protecting against insects and a 12 hours lasting skin moisturizing effect. To find out more about this brilliant novelty, click here.