Why sustainability makes more sense when it generates transformation

One of the platforms that have guaranteed Beraca’s success over the past few years is the Socio-biodiversity Enhancement Program®. The program was created in 2000, when sustainability was still a scarcely addressed topic. Recognized in Brazil and internationally, the initiative is based on four pillars:


Human development in a balanced way


Water and biodiversity conservation through sustainable use of resources


Adequate profitability for the entire value chain


Ethics and transparency


For the 2016-2017-2018 period, we are proud to present the following indicators:

Investment of R$ 8.6 million for the maintenance of the program


Activities conducted in 12 states of Brazil


2,500 families that have directly benefited from the program


Direct engagement with organic certification covering approximately 255,000 hectares (approx. 630,000 acres)


Commercial and/or other partnership relationships with 105 community centers


The Socio-biodiversity Enhancement Program® in the words of those who help us put it into practice every day.

With more than 20 years of history, the partnership between the Rural Residents and Producers Association Nazarezinho do Meruu and Beraca has existed for quite some time and it has been highly productive. Beraca has acted like a friend who always brings innovative solutions to our producers enabling them to optimize both what they cultivate and how they work. People from Beraca have been able to change the perspective of farmers by teaching us, for example, new management techniques or helping us to make our local population aware of the responsibility that each and every one of us carries with respect to the protection of the environment. It is great to know that we can count on this help whenever we need it. It was Beraca who showed us that we could plant other crops than açaí. This advice contributed directly to the growth of every one of us and consequently led to more financial stability in our lives. It is important to note that one of the points that most distinguish Beraca from other companies is its genuine interest in community development. It acts in a participatory way, accompanying our needs on a daily basis. As a way of appreciating this exchange, we now pass everything Beraca has taught us on to our entire population. And I’m very glad to be a part of it all.
Tadeu Melo – Member of the Association of Rural Residents and Producers of Nazarezinho do Meruu
Beraca is a company with which you can consult on a wide range of issues, besides the fact that it always keeps its doors open for working together on the elaboration of new ingredients. Talking specifically about the Socio-biodiversity Enhancement Program®, you can see that all people understand the relevance of its focus and enjoy working with it. You can see that it is something intrinsic in the practice of the whole team and it really makes a difference. The partnership with Lush has always been guided by a very strong synergy precisely because Beraca has values that are aligned with ours. Ethical aspects are closely followed throughout the process, from the collection of raw materials such as vegetables to the use of sustainable technologies, while ensuring traceability. All this is imperative for Lush.
Lívia Fróes – Ethical Buying at Lush for Latin America
Beraca has had a very interesting trajectory being at the forefront when it comes to making use of biodiversity and in recent years it has taken a leading role using its assets to innovate further. This happened as soon as Beraca decided to invest in research linked to elements that are part of the Brazilian genetic heritage. The company quickly stood out in the regulatory environment, being in total compliance with the best practices and becoming one of the greatest experts on Brazilian species. All this thanks to a genuine and responsible effort. Benefit sharing, for example, has always been part of the company’s initiatives thanks to the Socio-biodiversity Enhancement Program®. This has always meant following the communities closely, whether for diagnostical preparation or materiality research. All those, who like me have followed the work of the company for some years already, are well aware of the weight that all Beraca’s activities have gained in terms of credibility, especially on the international market. The attentive and accessible approach to communities is something that must surpass existing laws and anticipate their evolution by steering the path according to communities needs. And Beraca does just that.
Francine Leal Franco – Founder and Partner at GSS Sustentabilidade