Beraca is now part of Clariant, a customer oriented , sustainable and innovative global specialty chemicals company with Headquarter in Switzerland. Learn more about Clariant and our range of actives and natural ingredients for the cosmetics market:

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About Us

Beraca was founded by brothers Marco Antonio and Ulisses Sabará, whose vision and entrepreneurial spirit led them to transform their father’s business into a successful, world-class company focused on sustainable development.

Throughout its journey, Beraca has sailed its way through challenging times, but has also celebrated numerous accomplishments as a result of its ethical and transparent management.

At a time of great struggle, the Sabará brothers were inspired by a biblical passage where Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, gathered his people together and prayed to God for deliverance. God answer his prayer by stirring up his enemies Moab and Ammon against each other and grating him victory. The valley where this battle took place was then named Valley of Blessings, or ‘Berakhah’ (“blessing” in Hebrew).

Beraca meets its clients individual needs through personal and customized services, thus ensuring high standards of quality and consistency.

Our Vision

To set a benchmark in innovative, high-performance and sustainable products and services for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and personal care industry worldwide.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative technologies and sustainable products to our clients by incorporating traceability, safety and quality in all processes, thus adding value to our suppliers, partners and shareholders.

Our Values


- For the human being

- For the environment

- Ethics and Transparency

- In our relationship with all stakeholders


- In the company

- In the people

- In the processes


- In personnel development

- In customer service

- In results

Our Style

- To create and maintain sustainable relationships

- To serve our clients and meet their needs with

a flexible and customized approach