Berafunctional Extracts

Natural vegetable extracts with
standardized active concentration
and proven efficacy.

Beraca relaunches its Açaí Extract. From the new ingredient, efficacy tests were conducted and Açaí Extract proved to be an important ally to reduce the signs of aging. Due to its nutritious composition and the presence of high concentration of oxidants such as anthocyanins, Açaí Extract is recommended for pro-aging products, with antiglycation and anti-pollution action, attenuating wrinkles and improving the skin’s vitality and brightness, also protecting it against external aggressions.

Standardized high anthocyanin concentration

• Antioxidant, anti-pollution and anti-glycation activities
• Promotes cellular balance
• Proven efficacy

The new Açaí Extract is twice interesting and suitable for the current demands of the market because besides having a higher concentration of actives, now the Beraca’s Açaí is a Zero Waste ingredient, i.e., without any waste generated. With the full exploitation of the species, from a single raw material, all its parts are applied in different cosmetic ingredients – extract, oil and scrub.

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