Rain Forest

Composed of natural vegetable oils and butters sustainably sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and other Brazilian biomes.

Rainforest Specialties Line ingredients come from more than 100 extractive communities and benefits over 10.000 direct people through a relationship guided by transparency and ethics. Therefore, Beraca and its clients are directly contributing to brazilian social and economical regional development. Our team is also specialized and supports our clients with formulations, prototypes, market trends and ingredient export knowledge.

Beraca’s Rainforest Specialties Line is unique as it offers the market high quality standards and differentials.
• Oils are available as cosmetic grade, non-refined and refined versions – refined oils follow high quality standards for improved performance in cosmetic formulations.
• Our products are standardized and come with industry-leading shelf-life.
• Our ingredients have been efficacy tested for various skin and hair care benefits.

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