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Beraca is the leading provider of natural ingredients ethically sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and other brazilian biomes. Through its role of providing to the global Beauty & Personal Care industry brazilian raw materials sourced by local families, Beraca’s ingredients transform nature’s elements into performance actives, adding value to a wide number of brands operating worldwide.

Our Mission: protect and add value back to nature and the communities.

We do this by connecting the brazilian sociobiodiversity to global consumers through our tested, efficacious ingredients, and our social and environmental benefit programs offering traceable metrics that are important to us and our global customers.

Our Mission: protect and add value back to nature and the communities.
Beraca’s Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program®

Beraca’s Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program®

Full Traceability

Sociobiodiversity is our source of inspiration, by providing from nature to you beauty active ingredients, Beraca plays its role based on our Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program®, established in 2000 to create shared value strategies within its supply chains of raw materials from Brazilian biodiversity.

To create value for our customers, communities, suppliers, partners, employees and shareholders, we need to focus on areas that we are truly connected to. In this sense, we turn our energies to the communities that supply biodiversity products based on four pillars, promoting respect, dignity and social and economical inclusions.

We Bridge Concept

We Bridge Concept

“We Bridge is Beraca’s value proposition - bridging our community supply chains to the worldwide Health & Personal Care industry”.

Beraca offers turn key solutions on sustainable raw materials from the brazilian biodiversity, product innovation and real marketing stories. By We Bridge, Beraca is connecting brazilian local communities to its clients, helping them to achieve their sustainability goals through its ingredients.

Benefits of We Bridge:

• Transparency - real marketing stories for the final products
• Full traceability - in person visits to sourcing communities
• Positive enhancement on the environment and communities
• True positive impact keeping the forest standing, protecting the wildlife and water resources
• Ingredients stories engaged with companies values
• Real metrics and impacts measurement available to our customers
• Give-back projects available for customer support

Integrated Service

Beraca’s Full Value Proposition Model

An innovative solution that provides our clients with streamlined access to ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity.

Integrated Service

Determining which product – sourced from the Brazilian biodiversity – in Beraca's portfolio will be used by the client in their cosmetic or personal care formulations.

Beraca provides, in a transparent manner, the product's individual registration number, as well as information on the traceability of its production chain. These details are required for the registration of the finished product at the Nation System for Management of Genetic Heritage and Associated Traditional Knowledge (SISGEN).

As an additional ser vice, Beraca may conduct product registration and reporting to the competent bodies, in accordance with the Brazilian law.

In case the client chooses to share benefits with the supplying communities through environmental and/or socioeconomic development projects, they will find several options of initiatives to support through Beraca Institute’s online platform.

Organic and Fair Trade Certifications

Beraca’s products have options for organic and fair trade certifications according to Brazilian, American and European standards.

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